How to run a book shop without accountant

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Choose, buy and read bookkeeping and accounting software books under the open sky special experience, so no wonder that more and more cities can boast of a library or bookstore to open.

Most of these spaces for bookworms and people who are close to the book just feel good boasts extraordinary confidence in the customers: the books are often available without any supervision, the exchange is based on solidarity among readers, and if it comes to bookstores, from customers simply expected to leave money for the book in the cookie jar.


Some examples of this type of library is the “Lewinsky” library, which was created by a team of architects, “Yoav Meiri”. “Lewinsky” library is located in the garden. It was designed with the intention of becoming a place for people who want to find comfort in the beautiful surroundings and good books in order to escape from everyday problems. This library with 3,500 books in 14 languages, is a refuge and a space of freedom for refugees, legal and illegal immigrants in this city, with the motto that access to books a basic human right.

“Bart’s Books” is the largest independent bookstore in the open air in the United States, and is located in the Californian city of Ojai. Purchase of books in this bookstore operates on the principle that customers leaves a certain amount of money in the box provided for this. This is the most beautiful example of keeping a bookstore that allows for it not to be need for an accountant.

Another idea is to hold the bar in which your guests will be able to read books. If your bar has a few shelves of books, your guests will be able to take them out, leaf through or read i1416846214-library1f they want. A thing to keep in mind is that these are open bookstores and anyone can take, leave or change the book for another. Even, some of the used and old books are always welcome at these shelves. Bookstores are wonderful places, and she invites customers to relax and enjoy the moment. If they nevertheless get even a cup of coffee, customers will feel like they are getting the royal treatment. To start this form of work is necessary planning and organization. Inventory is needed to refresh, every once in a while and also it must be taken into account and the wishes of the customers.

Advertising in the local community, as well as keeping the site on your own shop, you can do a lot for the success of your bookstore. Set a few comfortable chairs and a few tables in the section of the room where you will sell coffee and pastries.


Organize grand opening of your bar in which is also, carried out and exchange of books. Invite the public to the grand opening and be sure that you have a few days of discounts in your shop so you can lure the buyers. Make sure you send invitations at least three weeks before the opening to entice more customers.

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